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What is Credit Cupid?

At Credit Cupid, we’re redefining the way you understand and manage your financial health. Our unique platform offers more than just a glimpse into your financial standing; it provides a comprehensive, personalized rating known as your ‘Cupid Score.’ This score isn’t just another number – it’s a reflection of your financial persona, meticulously compiled from the information you share and the data we gather from across the web.

Why Your Cupid Score Matters: Your Cupid Score is the heartbeat of your financial wellness. It offers an insightful, holistic view of your financial situation, beyond traditional credit scores. Understanding your Cupid Score is the first step towards a healthier financial future.

Benefits of Subscribing to Credit Cupid:

  • Score Enhancement Tips: Access actionable tips and strategies designed to help improve your Cupid Score over time.
  • Ongoing Support: Our platform evolves with you. As your financial situation changes, so do our recommendations, ensuring you’re always on the right path.

For just £19.95 per month, you can embark on a journey towards financial empowerment with Credit Cupid. Our subscription offers you an all-access pass to a suite of tools and services aimed at improving your financial health. From detailed analytics to personalized advice, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

How do I improve my Cupid score?

1. Get a Copy of Your Cupid report via Credit Cupid

2. Dispute Credit Report Errors

3. Avoid New Credit Card Purchases

4. Pay off Past-Due Balances

5. Avoid New Credit Card Applications

6. Do not apply for too much new credit.

7. Learn the legal steps you must take to improve your credit report



Check out our customers success stories

I never knew how to improve my financial health. But once I'd signed up with Credit Cupid, I was able to improve my score, therefore allowing me access to new lower rate balance transfer credit cards to help

While saving for my first apartment, I used Credit Cupid. It enabled me to increase my cupid rating to make sure I was getting the best possible interest rate on my mortgage

As someone who changes cars very frequently, Credit Cupid has given my cupid score the boost it needed to make sure i paid as little interest as possible on finance offers.

With the excellent service Credit Cupid supplied, I was able to have a dream wedding and honeymoon, we had an unforgettable day

Why Credit Cupid?

Happy Customers

Join Thousands of happy customers who have used Credit Cupid to help improve their cupid score

Manage your Cupid Score and Report

See your report updated daily and see what’s making it rise and fall

Correct Errors

Use Credit Cupid to identify anything unusual on your Cupid report and have it corrected

Financial Blog

Take advantage of the Credit Cupid blog where you can find hundreds of money saving hints and tips


Access your report and use it as a guide and insight into managing your finances and overcoming problems you might be facing

24/7 Monitoring

You have 24/7 access to your report. So you can keep on top of changes and prevent fraud and risk of identity theft!

Bank-grade security

Your data stored with CreditCupid is secured using AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption.

Read only access

We only ever have read access to your banking and financial transaction data. CreditCupid cannot access or move your money.